Metcalfe says he remembers that day in 1973 very clearly. "I was sitting in Building 34 (at Xerox PARC), at a Selectric typewriter, typing a summary of my thoughts on how networks should work, and then I hand-drew the diagrams. I wrote the memo on the Orator ball on the Selectric, which was sans serif because I liked that font."

David Boggs, the co-creator of Ethernet, died last year and Metcalfe has fond memories of their partnership. "He and I were the Bobbsey Twins. We were wonderfully complementary, as I being the more articulate of the two and he being the more detail oriented. Together we built this thing."

After co-inventing and working to standardize Ethernet, Metcalfe commercialized the technology at 3Com, the company that he founded in 1979.
— Neal Weinberg (March 22, 2023) "Ethernet at 50: Bob Metcalfe pulls down the Turing Award"