Hikayat Aceh

Written in Malay in Arabic script, it describes and praises the Acehnese sultan Iskandar Muda (1583-1636). It is believed to have been commissioned by Sultan Safiyyat al-Din Syah, the daughter of Sultan Iskandar Muda. The text contains stories about life and customs in the Acehnese courts, relations with, among others, Portugal, China and Turkey, internal rivalries, wars and Islamic religion. It uses traditional Malay literary styles with a rich Persian influence, full of information and historical detail.

Two Hikayat Aceh manuscripts (Or. 1954 and Or. 1983) are held by UBL and one manuscript (ML 421) by the National Library of Indonesia. The Or. 1954 is the oldest (circa 1675-1700) and most complete manuscript. Or. 1983 is a copy of this manuscript in Batavian Malay, written in 1847. ML 421 is also a copy and dates from the early 20th century.
— Universiteit Leiden (May 18, 2023) "UNESCO Recognizes Manuscripts First Voyage Around the Globe and Hikayat Aceh as World Heritage" library.universiteitleiden.nl