Our primary reason for existing: building a platform for everyone to make ad-free, free of cost, community-controlled, highly extensible wikis.
— Labster (June 18, 2023) Miraheze is Not Shutting Down meta.miraheze.org
The technical team behind Miraheze is currently 3 people.

Two of those three people (myself included) are currently burned out on the project and wish to step away. As such, I am willing to discuss a handover of responsibilities if a new team of infrastructure and MediaWiki engineers can be assembled before the end of August. To those who are interested in this endeavor, please join the discussion in the tech-community channel on Discord. Alternatively "Miraheze Volunteering Opportunities" (will) hold relevant on-wiki collaboration regarding this matter.
— Void (June 16, 2023) "Community Noticeboard[1] " meta.miraheze.org