• The Community : Anyone can be part of the community and there are no special requirements except to follow the Community Code of Conduct.
  • Technical Steering Committee : An informal group of people who meet on a monthly basis and discuss technical topics. Everyone is welcome to join.
  • Voting Member : A person who can elect the Governing Board and vote on changes to the Charter. A precondition to becoming a Voting Member is that the person contributed in a non-trivial way or that they donated funds to the Organization. Voting Members can nominate other Community members to receive Voting memberships in acknowledgement of their contributions. The Voting Members then vote on granting the nominee a Voting membership.
  • Governing Board : The elected representatives of the Community who help shape the Organization's overall direction and who are responsible for the Organization's finances. The Board retains the authority over all decisions the Projects make and may overrule the Technical Steering Committee in case of a dispute. Governing Board Treasurer is responsible for financial transactions and accounting. Governing Board Secretary is responsible for taking and publishing meeting notes and management of Voting membership. The Governing Board meets at least 4 times per year, publishes quarterly financial reports and shares the content of their meetings with the Community to the extent the Board deems appropriate. A snap election may be called if 50 percent of Voting Members who participated in the last election sign a no-confidence motion.